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Victor Azrak

Hi, I'm Victor Azrak and am President of the Entertainment Licensing Group, a division of the Global Brands Group

Victor Azrak's Bio:

"Good fortune is only good when it is shared." For more than 25 years, I have enjoyed starting, buying, growing, and selling businesses. Since becoming President of Entertainment Licensing Group in 2007, we have more than doubled the business as an industry leader with partners such as Disney, Marvel, Lucas Films, Nickelodeon, and many others. Commitment and loyalty are two of my favorite principles. In the roles of President, CEO, Principal, and Founder for companies focused on licensing and merchandising, or real estate investing and commercial real estate, I am 100% committed to my people and they are completely committed and loyal to our businesses. It is evident in bottom-line results with extremely low turnover. Over the years, I've learned that businesses can fail, but people don't have to. Through hard work and absolute dedication, I've been able to get back on the horse and overcome some of the greatest challenges professionally and personally. Going forward I'd like to be known as an investor and philanthropist, as well as mentor, adviser, family man, and friend.  - Victor Azrak

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Victor Azrak's Interests & Activities:

Skiing, Tennis, FItness

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